Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What it feels like to be in Luv

Some quotes :

It feels like a sonic boom... everyone around you can feel that love. It's like your heart ripped open your rib cage and set itself free. The world is at your feet and your confidence sores. It feels like a warm blanket wrapped around you. Logic is no longer at play.

For him/her, one sacrifice's own happiness to make him/her happy. Love is irrational, love is believing in the present and the future. Love is trust, breathtaking, overwhelming in every way. It's the thing that gives life truly meaning. And when you've found that person, you feel complete.

You know you're in love when you can trust them to take your heart into? their hands and care for it.And even though you're scared they might break it, you let them keep it anyway.

Love is when you can fight with some one and say the mean things that hurts them the most and still be forgiven or when you kiss them and you know that is the kiss you want for the rest of your life.

When you know that no one else gets you the way he/she does. When you still get butterflies in your tummy when you hear his/her name after years of being together. To be able to just sit with each other and know deep down? that as long as you are together everything else will fall into place.

It feels like? we could lie in bed all day and let the universe float around us.

The heart starts at the bottom and makes a point. It then splits further and further as it goes longer up. At the point where the lines look like they can't come back together.Then completely do a 180 degree turn and become 1.

True love is when you want to share everything with someone, feelings, emotions, good times bad times, material possessions, sex, dreams and aspirations, you would jump a bullet for them, all their faults are beautiful and they feel the same way you do.A real two way connection.

Love feels euphoric, comfortable, home, appreciating, accepting, heavenly.

You need to be close to that person, you love him/her as he/she is.You don't compare with others and you feel right, content and satisfied.Love feels like you can't get that person out of your head,and sometimes no matter how much he/she gets on your nerve, you still wants to be with him/her.

Love only can show, but can't talk. Love is giving, love is being patient, love is waiting, love is earning, love is wishing, love is desiring, love is accepting,
love is everlasting that something you just show by doing it but never ever say it or show it.

True love is when you find the ultimate peace of mind and soul in the arms of somebody, it is caring for the other person more than caring about yourself, is when your heart beats one million times when seeing him/her,it is when you want to be born live and die in their hands,

Love is when your soul is in a peace with yourself and the world, it is when you just think about the other person, want their happiness and satisfaction,

Love is when you see his smile you feel that life is smiling at you and then you forget all pains of the world.

PS: none of them are mine ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life in a Elevator

Oh Gosh I just hate when i enter into an elevator with full of strangers around.

The moment i step towards elevator my Mind speaks "Oh not Again”. If someone is talking on phone before entering, he/she will utter in Shhh.. voice "I am entering into lift, will call u back" then steps into that dreaded awkward area which gives breathing space to ppl to ogle at their New companion and not old ones who had already ogled/stared at each other so many number of times that each one feels guilty.

As elevator moves up or down all ppl gave a glance to each other, they notice everything starting from ur shoe then up to ur clothing then to ur neck (for girls to know what they have worn) then to hairs to see if it is combed properly or not. Then they give customary glance at button panels watching numbers moving from one floor to other slowly. If lift is already full and if it stops at one floor where ppl push to get in then every person in the lift curses "why on earth he/she (if a person is beautiful she ppl don’t mind at least guys ;) ) is entering".

And those moments are spent in utter and absolute silence as if u have reached nirvana. And if two persons converse all will look at them as if they have committed sin, By seeing other ppl's rude glances they automatically shut their voices. Lets see some scenarios

Case 1: Two guys in one lift - Nothing happens Guy give a customary look, wait for the floor to come, step out and gone , all happens smoothly and the silence is not killing. ( i don’t know why perhaps some sort of no-man-phobia)

Case 2: Two Girls caught in Lift - ( I am assuming what happens in such a scenario;) )

The moment a girl enters "oh another bi*** what an unlucky day :P".She gave a glance at her shoes, cheapo sandals, then "dress is a nice one but not gud like me", then look at accessories , "so much show off yuk",, , then "makeup, oh so much stuff ", eye liner is of Revlon i think , then nail polish, oh so old fashioned" :P ,the blah blah continues...

Case 3: A girl and a boy alone in elevator- A guy perspective...

Guy thinks today is a lucky day, he smiles, gave a cursory look as if he knows her since ages and that girl will start conversing instantly. Lift starts girl is busy in her own thoughts but guy look at her from head to toe, make a image of her all sorts of adjectives gets placed at various levels,

Girl thinks.... I don’t know: P , suggestion welcomed ;)

But why is silence to be found in elevators? Is it political correctness? Is it our need to guard our privacy? Our effort at confidentiality? Or is silence a side effect of the claustrophobia that is inside all of us?

But whatever it is ..."There are times when silence has the loudest voice".. And it is one of those....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Me and my identity

This happened a long time ago, before there was any shitty thing in the world such as George Bush and terrorists and Paris Hilton. It must've been around the time of Adam and Eve, if there were any Adam and Eve, that is. But it's all well, and it was still a long time ago.
Ms. Sparkles lived alone in her little house by the desert. Well, almost alone. She didn't know, maybe she hadn't realised, maybe she'd been too busy, but in the narrow crevices of her wardrobe, there lived a mouse. A tiny little mouse, a mouse they called The Little Chuha. He was soft and brown and he had little black eyes. He seemed like a mouse, but he was smarter than one, some would say he was even smarter than Ms. Sparkles, who wasn't any smart at all.

Everyday Ms. Sparkles would come up to her wardrobe after taking a bath and gingerly remove that wet towel from around her waist. The Little Chuha, even though he was little, was a horny creature, like those cartoons you see in Playboy or Maxim. He would race out from his tiny hole inside the wardrobe and stand on the edge, jumping out on top of Ms. Sparkles as she opened the wardrobe door. It was all so well, and The Little Chuha missed Ms. Sparkles' breast everyday, but never losing hope, or heart.
The trouble was, Ms. Sparkles was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the kind of woman you want to fall in love with, and maybe later hate yourself for it. Well, that was Ms. Sparkles, loveable and hateable in the same breath. The Little Chuha was in love with her, madly. Even though he was a tiny animal, smaller than Ms. Sparkles' slim wrists, he hoped to win her heart someday. Thus he tried everyday, jumping from the wardrobe's edge onto her chest, hoping to impress her with his acrobats. Yeah, I know. Women dig athletic men.

Now the place they lived in, the land of I-Dont-Know-The-Name-Of, was a pretty desolate place. Since Ms. Sparkles and The Little Chuha were the only two creatures alive, there was no doubt that they were alone in the land. Ms. Sparkles little house, which was painted a flawless white, stood glimmering in the middle of the desert. Passers-by - if there were any - would've seen her house from a mile and mistaken it for a mirage. But it was a mirage, atleast for Ms. Sparkles and The Little Mouse. All they saw everyday was each other, and each other. The Little Mouse jumping from the wardrobe, trying to impress Ms. Sparkles, and a smiling Ms. Sparkles spending her days thinking of The Little Mouse jumping form the wardrobe onto her breast. It would've been a sad affair, and it was. They were two souls who were in love. But then, they were so far away. He was a mouse, and she was a woman - and the most beautiful woman in the Universe too. But more than that, there was the distance of the wardrobe where he lived and the bed where she lay. That could never be corssed. And The Little Chuha knew that. He would get drunk and write drunken eulogies to himself, and a drunken toast to his lady, Ms. Sparkles. Passers-by - if there were any - would've called it a tragic affair. And it was.
For everyday, he missed her.
He so so missed her.

PS : Its not mine but I thought its worth sharing and thanks to author wherever he is .

Friday, July 3, 2009

A lonely night

You know that i know that you dont know who you are
You are a breeze,a sunshine,a rhapsody for me
You are the carrier for my lonesome night,
The killer for my boredom thoughts
The shrillness in my silent dreams.

For me will u come tonight and change my lonely nights
Will you follow me and seduce me
I know that you always consider me a pain
And that I take certain pleasure in suffering
At punishing myself, at my repentance
Will you abandon to me without getting worried

I wish to look at u , watch u ,hold u
for that will make me feel gud
I will be whatever pleases u..., the light on your skin
The sweat on your brow
The one who..whatever , i will be whatevr you want
Will you follow me tonight....

Friday, June 12, 2009

An Evening

A dark gloomy scene
fills my window pane
I slided my curtains,
water drops were limping on them
suggesting rain

from the west
flashes burst lighting
the sky night versus dawn
seconds pass rumbling
oh so far away..
someone else is also sensing in the same way..

As i watch the rain drops
falling drop by drop
in a linear manner
It reminds me of someone
who is waiting in darkness

to fulfill the dreams tat
she nurtures every day

to fulfill the happiness
tat is embedded in every tear drops
tat falls on her lap....
Wish those pain in tears
will get washed in next rain

Bang came the pat frm colleague
wat r u doing,
I said nothing Just
watching my soul getting
drenched ........

Now bk to wrk:))

Monday, June 8, 2009

Being teenager

Morning bliss always give u enthusiasm to start your day with new thoughts , to achieve new heights.The newspaper headline read 08/08/08. It made me nostalgic, I went back to my old memories when exactly 14 years back on 8 AUgust 1994,one small incident changed my whole school life.

The incident was not tat shattering or amazing but it changed my outlook towards life and friendship.There was this new girl who got admission in my school. I was parking my bicycle in the cycle stand,saw a girl with big oval eyes, two ponies,a dangling smile and suave looks which made me encompassed for that moment.SHe smirked or giggled at me and left with her friend .

I prayed to god that wish she gets admission in my section.MY wishes or my intution seldom goes wrong, As someone has said( jis cheez ko tum dil se chaho to poorie kayanat use poorie karne ki koshish karti hain). AT EOD i was passing by my PRIncy office and heard that she is admitted in my section. OH i felt so happy and was on top of world, for the whole day i kept smiling and dreaming.The smile was steadily and slowly started showing its effect.....to be continued

Monday, June 1, 2009

Art of flattering

Flattering is an art which a person tries right from childhood till he is alive,( i dont know what happens after the death, might be man does this to flatter angels out there;) ,, who knows).

Some says it will lead to nowhere..But i think otherwise...For e.g. if some one says "You are too kind" The first Impression it gaves is of a polite behaviour which the person tends to show as a part of social behaviour.(unless he is grinning and speaking:)..

Flattery, of course, has had a bad name since the origin of word itself , implying wrongful praise. Nothing is more flattering than to be told that you hate flattery.

For the most part, flattery is harmless: surrounding the flattered with a halo of good feeling, it gives away nothing really worth having, but it may get a lot in return. Yes u r right it gives u a lot in return.

Well some one says in the narrowest sense Flattery is extravagantly exaggerating the value of something in order to persuade. However in its broadest definition, flattery is a form of bowing and scraping, social behavior for which words are not necessary .Flattery is the defensive weapon with which inferiors placate superiors, thereby avoid being killed, optimize their relationships and achieve a sort of ''devious cooperation''

''We have all learned to nod and smile and hold our tongue and murmur approval and say thank you.''

Saying thank you is an implicit form of flattery in that it indicates your dependence on some other person's grace. But so is keeping quiet. Silence may often be a form of elliptical flattery -- saying less than what might be said, as when you minimize someone's faults and failings, or pointedly ignore some glaring deformity.

As Casanova taught, you always tell beauty it's intelligent, and intelligence that it's beautiful. Similarly, the most successful flatterers are not vulgarly hypocritical but rather those who believe their own lies. If I am aware I'm flattering, my self-knowledge playing across my face may well be detected by an observant person on the sheer inhibiton of empty praise. If, however, I've convinced myself of my deception, my palaver will more convincingly persuade.

Indeed, the purest flattery -- the sort most surely liable to work -- occurs when neither the flattered nor the flatterer knows it is going on. :)And its quite a fun,,,,

Who among us doesn't need to think some more these days about the science of kissing up or about being flattered up?

So PPL open up ur buttering machine and get ready to flatter,,, Beware there may be persons who are ready with Bread to soak up ur butter....

Keep Buttering.. :)

Friday, May 29, 2009


Sometimes in life, you find a special friend,Someone who changes your life just by being a part of it,Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop,Someone who makes you believethat there really is good in the world.Someone who convinces you that there reallyis an unlocked door just waiting for you to open.Sometimes..