Monday, June 14, 2010

Fifa world Cup 2010 :My Notes

1) First and foremost I would like to someone to order an enquiry as to why there is such a pathetic noise of murmuring mosquitoes in all the soccer matches.

I mean ppl say "there is buzz in the stadium" for the fans enthusiasm and their adrenaline Rushing hoopla , but no one asks for BUZZER, that too continuous streaming of shrieking noise in all the matches. It’s like all African mosquitoes are trying to mate in stadium and sound/Noise is the byproduct. Looks like , they are following the footsteps of hookers around the world and flocking towards South Africa. (BTW those buzzers are called as VuvuZuela Trumpets)

2) I fear, what if i get bored by continues watching of football over a month and loose interest by the time world cup reaches semi finals. (It happened to me in IPL)

3) I really like the camera work in world cup. It’s the best i have seen, technically it’s awesome.
Wish in cricket too ICC get good technical team for the next world cup in India.

4) These days I find it interesting to listen to different country’s national Anthem .And I like America's and SA's a lot. Wish one day we can hear India's too in World Cup Football .SIGHHH

5) I wonder why there are no Cheer leaders in Football. In every sport they have ventured into.
One day will come when Chess too will have cheer leaders....But then who will concentrate on Animals and Pawns :)

6) I wish to see French women's Vs Venezuela/Brazil football match. It should be and will be HOTTT ;)