Thursday, September 2, 2010


Every person born in this world has some or the other nick name. It gives liberty to their so called near and dear ones to address the person in a convenient and amiable way.

NO i am not writing class V English essay on nicknames here.I realized that for every nickname there is some particular reason , after all Nothing can be created without a reason.
And ppl get nicknames by their friends or enemies or by jealous persons in this world.
and in college one will get coined by such a bad name that u can’t speak that in front of other ppl, i myself have given sum cruel bad names , Ya i can be cruel :P

So i wanted to trace back my nicknames and their reasoning’s. Thankfully i didn’t had one bad nickname which i have to hide... here are most of them.

1) Tinku- As i know this was and is my first nick name, don’t know the exact reason why it was coined but i remember one day i was around 7-8 year old , was watching tv , one movie started and its name was TInku , and i ran to my mother saying mummy look i m in tv ...that’s that and till now my folks call me by this name...

2)LINKS/Lincs/Lincu ( for those who don’t know , my real name is LINCOLN) - This is the second most common name of me , in my school days i was called lincs quite frequently, which used to be followed by LINKS taale ( a Lock brand) , kabhi nahin tootne wale...

3)Kankad ( Means pebble) - I don’t know why one of my friend coined me by this name, but 3-4 school friends used to call me by this name , perhaps they wanted to throw stones at me whenever they used to c me :p

4) RAJAji - when i came to college my seniors coined me RAJA ( as a leader ) of group of my statemates, In my ragging days i had to behave as a RAJA and manage my praja ( followers)..
Got lot of sticking as i used to carried way by the role and used to behave really like RAJA , some slaps from seniors used to bring me back to my actual level

5) Chuha (mouse/rat)- This is another stupid name that i got which my friends tell me tat i got this bcoz i behave like a chuha, i don’t know how but they say i do kuter kuter like a mouse.
And till today i am called by this by close group of friends...( perhaps bcoz i eat wat i will like rest i will leave , for e.g. i will either like cake's top part or bottom part not both of parts ) , similarly i never eat cream biscuits, i will give cream part to my friends and eat non cream part, or if i am eating a samosa - i will leave most part of masala ,

6) TOPi- i recently got this name from one of my roommate, i don’t know the reason but he calls me that.

so that’s the list , i am sure i will have many more nicknames in life, So wat’s ur fav nickname of urs ?????