Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopping fun!!

So it was the day when i had to go for shopping, not any xyz shopping but it was for our friend who was getting married. So after various intriguing session among friends we came to conclusion that since we haven't planned/bought any gift for our friend, it would be lame if we go empty handed. It was decided that we will give K**** book along with some C****.Then the real thing came that who will bell the cat; i mean who will go and buy these things. Inadvertently I and one of my friend were given task of buying C**** and another two got the task of buying K*** book.
It was not about not being comfortable to buy C**** but more about Why we only have to leave the AC room and go in such sultry heat , why not rest of them....But destiny ....

SO I and my friend left the hotel where we were staying and started looking for med shop.To our horror we found out that after walking for 15 mins in the market, still there were no signs of it. Finally after walking a km or so we found one small med shop.

Scene -1
My friends went to have a puff and asked me to do the honors.
I : Exploring the shop with my keen eyes to find the so called C*** gift, looked onto the glass counter that normally has these stuffs. I was surprised to find nothing. I mean no signs of any C*** of any brands whatsoever. Then i started looking into the entire shop but even after staring towards every shelf and counter i couldn't saw any. I said to myself, this is crazy. I have been to numerous Med shops and as soon as you land on Med shop, it’s right there in front of you. One need not say anything, one can just point and buy it. It’s as easy as it gets.
The Med shop owner was busy with some customer, so he didn’t looked at my detective glances, otherwise he would have thought i might do burglary in his shop tonight.
just i was Feeling bemused i was interrupted by my friend :

Friend : So bought them ?
I : He doesn’t have any!!!
Friend : What do u mean he doesn’t have, its a Med shop it has to have?
I : I dont know i looked around but couldn’t find any?
Friend : Lets ask him...
I : i don’t understand if he has, he has to show to sell it right??, anyways u ask
Friend to shopkeeper: DO u have C*** .
Shopkeeper : Ya , here they are , opening a small case sort of shelf having assorted platter of C****.
I and Friend: Oh tats Gold.
Friend: SO what do u think how many we should buy?
I : Not sure , how long is the honeymoon period, The stock should last till then otherwise it might lead to embarrassing situation. Imagine postponing the heated moment in honeymoon period bcoz u don’t have resources!!!!
Friend: Ya that would be bad!! I think close to a week.
I: ok lets take 4 packs , even if he does twice a day it would be sufficient
Friend: Twice a day for whole week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I : Never underestimate the desire/lust/greed/love .
Friend: Haan He has yearned for so longggg… and what flavors....
I: AHMM good question, What do u think?
Friend: I think strawberry will be good,
I : Ya ok, and ya chocolate flavour too , he is fond of choco feast icecream
Friend : wat weird logic????!!! Anyways ok and remaining two:
I : lets ask shopkeeper, So any new advancements or flavors you have??
Shopkeeper : With a weird look , The box has it all,u can select from it!!!
Friend : All right , give two dotted ones and two non -dotted. That should finish our shopping.
Shopkeeper : all right then that will be 100 bucks

I & friend : My goodness , now we know why ppl are crying inflation ,inflation, If rubbers have become so costly forget about the other things ..........

As we were returning, talking how we will pass these precious gifts to our friend today in evening, with the gifts in my right hand , I dropped the poly bag accidently and while i was collecting them and standing saw too girls staring at my so called gifts, I was about to say " Luckily/unluckily these are not for me !!!!" but smirked and moved on!!

The evening was fun, My so called Friend who's wedding we came to attend was filled with Gift packets in each of his coat pockets and trouser's also . He was standing on stage with his "hone wali wife" with pocket full of C***. He was sweating a lot , i dont know bcoz of Lights or bcoz of situation. ON top of it he got another gift from us "The famous Kam**** book”. Imagine a groom standing with his wife on stage in front of thousand ppl with K** book in his hand.

AS an afterthought i thought what if in some marriage no friend/relative gives the C* gift to the groom. I mean what if everyone forgets it and he also forgets it to buy .Imagine his wife sitting in front of him and just before he is about to begin she asks " DO u have c*" if not then forget it !!!!!! IF The night of the marriage is so Rocking then for whole life trouble will be knocking......

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When i got a Pinkyy Eye

Me : Reading those letter in cube that eye doctors have, feeling elated i can still read all the lines except last one
Dr: So wats ur problem?
Me : I am crying since 2 days , sobbing
Dr: Why? did S1 one broke ur Heart ?
Me : Thinking (Who made him opthamologist? My Manager recognized that i have some problem in my eyes from 3 meter and this doctor is saying heart!!!.&**%%%....)

No , since yesterday morning after i woke up , my eyes are leaking water....

Dr: Oh!!!hmm , not a problem

Me: With no intention of crying, my eyes are draining water more than I drink daily and this person is saying no Problem!!!
Continuing the conversation - But u see no pain is there and this phenomena is occurring only in one eye

Dr: Thats even better , You have got "pinki eye" !!!

Me: PINKYYY wat? I have heard Pinkyy toe wats Pinkky eye?

Dr: Viral conjunctivitis, a viral infection...

Me: oh , hmm , That doesn’t require injection right? ( I feel molested at sheer idea of an unknown female nurse giving me pain in my B*** ).

Dr: No , eye drops will be sufficient!!!

ME : ok , gud...

Dr: Take this eye drop once in two hour time period in one eye and four times in other eye...

Me : U mean every two hours once right?

Dr: No at an interval of 1 hour

ME : Thinking (Wat *%&%& , I will take according to my feeling , can’t discuss much with this moron) Ok ya thanks, About to leave...
Dr: SO where were u last week?

Me : Shocked !!!Thinking how he knows? Was he the person whom i pushed in AC compartment last week,,,, Immmm m.... I was out of station why???

Dr: You got this infection from some other town,,,,

Me : Ya went to beach as well , (cleaning my watery eyes), U think
sea water would have given this ?

Dr: Definitely!!!

Me : hmm, :( ok , but i will be all right i suppose in couple of days

Dr: Yups u will be!!!

Left the clinic and on my way back thinking, it is more than 7 days and infection is occurring now , there must be some other reason, Then Bingo my mind lightened up....

On Sunday I went to watch "The Blue MUG" play with my friends....And on next morning i had this Pinkiiness, hmmm i got the Reason of the whole story,,,,

And the Reason was too much of eye tonic.....Yes it makes perfect sense...
When we arrived there to watch the Play, it was as if we have boarded a Mumbai/Delhi flight and landed in some of the High society auditorium.

As one of my friend had put “It was a CLASSY " crowd. There were girls and girls and girls , and everyone was so pretty and beautiful , Me and my friends were shocked , it has been three years and we haven’t seen this type of thing, not even in High Class Pubs here .I could see girls smoking in the arena but no sight of guys doing that( When a girl smokes she looks so sexy to me but at the same time disgusting)..

SO the moral of the story is: "
Too much of sustained exposure to eye tonic can lead to Pinkyyy Eye"...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Past tense

I wrote this in someone's comment section on a blog an year before , when i read it again i liked it so posting here....

I still look to u in the same way as i looked at first sight , its just that i have become more passionate which makes me strangeI still feel the warmth in your soft spoken voice, I still flirt with u but my ways have become more mature and misunderstandings are part of relationship which makes it strong in harder times,I do have the trust in my eyes as i had before, i can still feel the sensuous touch of your when i first hugged you, whenever u see the distance between us, just close your eyes and u can feel me in your arms, the distance is physical and not emotional,i haven't left you in midway, i have gone to fulfill my responsibilities , i will return to u with my arms open,just wait for me , the separation will end soon....