Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Maid Syndrome

We Indians are damn lucky that a normal lower class person can afford services of another human being to do his/her daily housework....We call it maid/servant

When i was in 11th/12th standard my school timing was a bit late. My bro and sis used to wake up too early for they have to catch school bus and go far far away....
Our maid used to come early in those times .My mother used to wake me up early so that my room can get cleaned. And I used to be like Let me sleep first then do whatever u want to do but NOOOOO , so i used to spend rest of my morning on Sofa

As in most of the households CLEANING is the most important thing that should happen and rest of the stuff like (eating, sleeping, playing etc etc ) takes backseat. And if u r home on sunday u have to constantly switch from one room to other so that ur so called HOUSE can get completely cleaned.... suckssss

Coming back to current state, since i started working i am living with friends of mine and for bachelors Maid is like Kaamdev baba or Saraswati mata of cleaning (safai). If she is not there than our houses would have been worse than that found in front of each city's railway station.

In most of the bachelor houses it so happens that one person will open the door for Maid in morning, she will do all cleaning and by the team she finishes, rest of the inmates will still be in sleep mode, while going she will wake one of the inmates to close the door. What happened, how it happened, who did no one cares....

It used to so happen that we got one new maid for our home, and at that time one of my friend used to go to office late, so maid used to come around 9 or 10 am , clean the house and go . SO it so happened that she didn’t saw my friend's face for 3-4 months.

One saturday she complained to me and my other friends "bhaiya , aap unko uthate kyun nahin , maine unki shakal nahin dekhi 4 mahine ho gaye ".....And then we shouted
"XYZ ,teri muh dikhayee ka samay aa gaya hain bachhe Uth jaa " After making repeated attempts of waking him up, he finally came out of his bedroom, The maid said "SO glad to finally see u " (Translated in English here )....And he replied Ya Same Here

Now why i m writing this Maid syndrome , well it so happened that I bought new tooth brush recently. Next day I didn’t find it, and it sucks when u dont have ur toothbrush . Next day i bought a new one and next day again i lost . And i really got pissed off , bcoz no one was at home for two days so only reason i could think of "Maid must have taken it "... PPl may think why this cheap thinking, well its not my fault its the only reason i could come up.And why i thought in that manner, well that has another story which is below..

2 years back we group of friends were sitting and watching tv. One of my friend comes in a furious manner, lets call him S

S:Again it happened.
We: what ??
S: I have lost it again

We: what have u lost wallet/ATM?
S: NO, one of my New UG is missing

We: look around u will find it , must have been mixed with someones else.
S: no i looked around, couldn’t find it.

We: Chk our neighbors ( BTW that had 4 girls living there ) gallery , U know its a male UG must have got attracted to female one's and flew next gallery ..U know opposites attract

S: hahaha oh shut up, I am thinking it must be our MAid

We: Wat>?? why will maid steal ur UG

S: well sometimes she washes my clothes, must have stolen ...that’s my thinking

WE: oh u r sick minded , why will she steal ur UG , she doesn’t steal a single rupees from our purses even though our purse has so much cash and she easily has access to all of them as we sleep like Guinea PIGs while she cleans the house....

S: I dont know, i have that feeling, i have lost 3 UG in one week. tats too much

WE: ok , Lets assume that she steals ur UG, but what will she do with it , U know that ur ass errr rrr sorry ur waist is too bigger for her to fit in....
one crazy person : kahin tujh par marti to nahin wo , hey bhagwan kya zamana aa gaya hain abhi tak to ladke tharki hote suen the maid par ab maid bhi tharki hone lag gayee maaliko par, ram ram

S: oh shut up , it might be that she is taking so that it can be used by her family members..

We: Wallah tera CID dimaag , thats wat her work is too steal guys UG from each apartment , give them as a birthday gift to her relatives ...give us a break and stop mourning....

S: well i am telling u, beware anyone can be targeted next

Well till today the mystery of missing UG's is not solved . SO u see why i thought that my brush can be stolen by my maid...