Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When i got a Pinkyy Eye

Me : Reading those letter in cube that eye doctors have, feeling elated i can still read all the lines except last one
Dr: So wats ur problem?
Me : I am crying since 2 days , sobbing
Dr: Why? did S1 one broke ur Heart ?
Me : Thinking (Who made him opthamologist? My Manager recognized that i have some problem in my eyes from 3 meter and this doctor is saying heart!!!.&**%%%....)

No , since yesterday morning after i woke up , my eyes are leaking water....

Dr: Oh!!!hmm , not a problem

Me: With no intention of crying, my eyes are draining water more than I drink daily and this person is saying no Problem!!!
Continuing the conversation - But u see no pain is there and this phenomena is occurring only in one eye

Dr: Thats even better , You have got "pinki eye" !!!

Me: PINKYYY wat? I have heard Pinkyy toe wats Pinkky eye?

Dr: Viral conjunctivitis, a viral infection...

Me: oh , hmm , That doesn’t require injection right? ( I feel molested at sheer idea of an unknown female nurse giving me pain in my B*** ).

Dr: No , eye drops will be sufficient!!!

ME : ok , gud...

Dr: Take this eye drop once in two hour time period in one eye and four times in other eye...

Me : U mean every two hours once right?

Dr: No at an interval of 1 hour

ME : Thinking (Wat *%&%& , I will take according to my feeling , can’t discuss much with this moron) Ok ya thanks, About to leave...
Dr: SO where were u last week?

Me : Shocked !!!Thinking how he knows? Was he the person whom i pushed in AC compartment last week,,,, Immmm m.... I was out of station why???

Dr: You got this infection from some other town,,,,

Me : Ya went to beach as well , (cleaning my watery eyes), U think
sea water would have given this ?

Dr: Definitely!!!

Me : hmm, :( ok , but i will be all right i suppose in couple of days

Dr: Yups u will be!!!

Left the clinic and on my way back thinking, it is more than 7 days and infection is occurring now , there must be some other reason, Then Bingo my mind lightened up....

On Sunday I went to watch "The Blue MUG" play with my friends....And on next morning i had this Pinkiiness, hmmm i got the Reason of the whole story,,,,

And the Reason was too much of eye tonic.....Yes it makes perfect sense...
When we arrived there to watch the Play, it was as if we have boarded a Mumbai/Delhi flight and landed in some of the High society auditorium.

As one of my friend had put “It was a CLASSY " crowd. There were girls and girls and girls , and everyone was so pretty and beautiful , Me and my friends were shocked , it has been three years and we haven’t seen this type of thing, not even in High Class Pubs here .I could see girls smoking in the arena but no sight of guys doing that( When a girl smokes she looks so sexy to me but at the same time disgusting)..

SO the moral of the story is: "
Too much of sustained exposure to eye tonic can lead to Pinkyyy Eye"...


  1. hmm :) "Pinkyy eye" after "blue mug" :)) Hilareous and colorful blog!

  2. ab "pink mug" dekhne mat jana or else u will get a "blue eye" ;)

  3. lol
    nice one :)
    hpe ur pinky eye gets good soon. :)

  4. girls are free to do whatever they like nowadays,, the "no smoking in public" thing applies only to men