Friday, October 15, 2010

I want to become a dog in next birth

FYI: Title is not sarcastic, it has deep feelings attached to it. Only emotional ppl will understand once they read the whole post.

Every person in this world has his own emotional nerve ( I am not talking about emotional atyaachar serial on UTV , BTW that is the most sadist/sickiest serial ever came, don’t know what ppl get by watching that).

My story started on a sunny Sunday afternoon, after a delicious lunch as usual i was on my couch with my fav pose .I call it
"Ouchy COuchy pose"
(some stat - this pose is done by sitting 60% ,standing 30% and sleeping 10%
details - sit on ur couch with legs pointing towards wall in upright position, one hand u got to have remote , in second hand munch some kurkure )..and play with ur remote meanwhile , shouting at ur near and dear ones that don’t come near to me, i won’t give u remote ...

So in this process came across one movie which had Jennifer Aniston ...That’s it...

There are some celebs or ppl who force u to stop ,pause and look towards them in bewilderment , no matter what is coming on other channels. (talking about TV , in reality u stare them , till u are shooed away by some person...)

My list includes ( Sachin tendulkar, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon stone etc etc...).

So as i saw Aniston on Tv ,I started watching that movie and didn't stop till it ended. At the end of it i was all in tears...

I remembered last time that happened to me was when i saw Taare Zammen par...

Oh i didn’t tell u the movie name, The movie name is "Marley and me " based on book by same name. I don’t know if its a fiction story or not.

But to tell what it’s abut - its about a dog named Marley and how "A family learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog."

After watching movie i went into deep thinking and realized that my emotional nerve is "love for dog"...

So after watching that movie i logged into imdb and checked some more gud DOG movies. I stumbled upon "Hachi: A Dog's Tale " ,

It’s a true story about a dog in Japan. The output after watching was bucket of tears in my eyes. I mean for last half hour or so i spend gallon of tears watching that movie. I think i haven’t cried that much after my birth.

First thought that came to my mind was. i need to have a dog ASAP.. But practically not possible :(...

I used to have a dog when i was a kid, came back those memories when he used to accompany me to my school everyday. Long walks with my grandfather and him and my cousins every evening...

But there was one problem he used to do "THAT" every now and then and wherever he wanted to...

SO we had to leave him. But wherever we used to leave him, he used to return back. So one day my uncle took him along with him to his office 25 km away. Even then he returned after 2 days. Don’t know how.

So finally we gave him to one person who took him to his village.

I believe Dogs are the best pal for they are not selfish like humans....
SO that’s why that TITLE for my post..

PS: Watch "HAchi" movie, its a must watch , An 8 pointer in IMDB.


  1. Hey nice blog..and surely an attractive title:-P

  2. lolzz... awesome...
    But I HATE DOGS , precisely PETS
    but loved to read abt ur EMOTIONAL NERVE :P
    Wish could see u in tears

  3. From ‘Petnames’ in the previous post , you come to wanting to be a dog in the next one...
    Hmm...very animal-ish I must say...
    And u cried so much on a dog movie...
    And then hunted for more dog movies to cry on...
    Offooo...agar rona he tha to rote on poor Aniston losing her cute touch with age...
    Tch, tch...or cry to be a doggie that these celebs hug bloody all the time...
    Hehe...though I must say...awww....koi na...
    I hope u come across better stuff on your next couchy pose expedition;-)

  4. You're not alone, I cried watching 'Marley and me' too. It's a Beautiful movie :)I love dogs too, in fact we got a dog just 4 Months ago, he's 6 months now and his name is Pluto!
    *note i havnt read ur previous blog becoz this is my first time on ur blog! :D

  5. I like ur blog :) ,and thanks for going on mine tooo ^_^

  6. hmmm...i ended up watching Marley and Me the same way you did =P it is not a happy movie to watch, but then i don't regret it, will check out the other movie. =)

  7. Not a big fan of dogs.
    It's always been hard for me to imagine how people can get attached to them so deeply..

  8. Sadly I do not share your enthusiasm for Marley and Me. It was sweet and all that but it didn't move me.

    And you have some canine fixation, saw a dog post on your other blog too :)

  9. there's a quote by a favorite poet of mine.. charles bukowski..

    'dogs and angels are not very far apart'

    I am crazy for dogs.. adore 'em .. even the ones on street are guileless.. unlike humans everywhere..

  10. iam too crazy for dogs ,

    wish you ""to become a dog in next birth ""

    thanx sweaty

  11. LOL... Nice.. I watchd it after you recommended.. Nice Movie n even nicer post!! :)

  12. hey.. too late to comment on the post!!.. bt loved reading it!!.. n i loved the movie as well... have shed tears on it too!!..... well wud surely luv to watch the other movie u mentioned!!!... :)
    cheerrrrsss!!!!.... :).. good work!!!