Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Few commandments i wish to have for my marriage:

1) No Photographer will be allowed within 100 meters of marriage's arena. If they are seen violating this, their equipments will be confiscated and ripped apart. PPl with camera Phones are allowed but no one will be allowed to ask me for Posing. PPL can ask Bride i don’t mind ;))

2) No ghoda/ghodi for me. I prefer a bullock cart its fun to ride one or even a Jugaad will be gud.( Those of u who don’t know Jugaad hint : its a vehicle try googling :P)

3) While my Funeral oops marriage procession is on, i want to have my phone with me so that i can play games or do browsing. I don’t want to listen to songs as i don’t want to look casual on the day of my marriage: P

4) I don’t want to give joota chupana money/gift just like that. I want to hide my joota/jooti with or without socks myself and want PPL to do some hard work for finding it.

5) I want to taste food whatever is made first myself then i want everyone to have it. Its my day I should be the one who should decide what to do isn’t and if i didn’t find fud gud, i will go to some nice restaurant nearby ,finish my appetite and then come. :P

6) No return gifts on my marriage. It’s my day why i should give ppl gifts. And if ppl don’t have cash, then i want to say that i accept Sodexho coupons: P. And i know there will be many friends of mine who live on credit card, so i will have one credit card machine where every card will be allowed. So one needn't worry i can swipe in and give ppl receipt back ;)

7) I will surely bribe Pandit so that he will conduct lesser and lesser pooja's. ( I pity on girls whose name is Pooja) . It’s such a pain to do some or other pooja after every half an hour.

My rusted mind only thought 7 commandments , will think of making it ten:)


  1. Awesome !!! Good commandments...
    lolz... It reminded me of the movie Love Rulez... :)

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping on my blog.
    I am laughing after reading your 7 commandments. its funny that a guy can actually think about the whole wedding thing.
    And, just as a reminder- The photographer thing you might want to reconsider- a bride would want professional photographer to click em, and not phone cameras!!!