Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What it feels like to be in Luv

Some quotes :

It feels like a sonic boom... everyone around you can feel that love. It's like your heart ripped open your rib cage and set itself free. The world is at your feet and your confidence sores. It feels like a warm blanket wrapped around you. Logic is no longer at play.

For him/her, one sacrifice's own happiness to make him/her happy. Love is irrational, love is believing in the present and the future. Love is trust, breathtaking, overwhelming in every way. It's the thing that gives life truly meaning. And when you've found that person, you feel complete.

You know you're in love when you can trust them to take your heart into? their hands and care for it.And even though you're scared they might break it, you let them keep it anyway.

Love is when you can fight with some one and say the mean things that hurts them the most and still be forgiven or when you kiss them and you know that is the kiss you want for the rest of your life.

When you know that no one else gets you the way he/she does. When you still get butterflies in your tummy when you hear his/her name after years of being together. To be able to just sit with each other and know deep down? that as long as you are together everything else will fall into place.

It feels like? we could lie in bed all day and let the universe float around us.

The heart starts at the bottom and makes a point. It then splits further and further as it goes longer up. At the point where the lines look like they can't come back together.Then completely do a 180 degree turn and become 1.

True love is when you want to share everything with someone, feelings, emotions, good times bad times, material possessions, sex, dreams and aspirations, you would jump a bullet for them, all their faults are beautiful and they feel the same way you do.A real two way connection.

Love feels euphoric, comfortable, home, appreciating, accepting, heavenly.

You need to be close to that person, you love him/her as he/she is.You don't compare with others and you feel right, content and satisfied.Love feels like you can't get that person out of your head,and sometimes no matter how much he/she gets on your nerve, you still wants to be with him/her.

Love only can show, but can't talk. Love is giving, love is being patient, love is waiting, love is earning, love is wishing, love is desiring, love is accepting,
love is everlasting that something you just show by doing it but never ever say it or show it.

True love is when you find the ultimate peace of mind and soul in the arms of somebody, it is caring for the other person more than caring about yourself, is when your heart beats one million times when seeing him/her,it is when you want to be born live and die in their hands,

Love is when your soul is in a peace with yourself and the world, it is when you just think about the other person, want their happiness and satisfaction,

Love is when you see his smile you feel that life is smiling at you and then you forget all pains of the world.

PS: none of them are mine ;)


  1. @ Lincoln...nice one...true :)

  2. BTW...liked your about me section... advise from Rocky to his son, right ??

  3. Exquisite Thoughts !!! Though they are not yours but still you chose them and it shows how beautifully you think. :)

  4. Nice one!!! :)) but am sure u r also in love and that's what made u collect n bog all these thoughts ;)

  5. thnx for reading my post ... i like the way u put down your thoughts .. keep it up :)