Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life in a Elevator

Oh Gosh I just hate when i enter into an elevator with full of strangers around.

The moment i step towards elevator my Mind speaks "Oh not Again”. If someone is talking on phone before entering, he/she will utter in Shhh.. voice "I am entering into lift, will call u back" then steps into that dreaded awkward area which gives breathing space to ppl to ogle at their New companion and not old ones who had already ogled/stared at each other so many number of times that each one feels guilty.

As elevator moves up or down all ppl gave a glance to each other, they notice everything starting from ur shoe then up to ur clothing then to ur neck (for girls to know what they have worn) then to hairs to see if it is combed properly or not. Then they give customary glance at button panels watching numbers moving from one floor to other slowly. If lift is already full and if it stops at one floor where ppl push to get in then every person in the lift curses "why on earth he/she (if a person is beautiful she ppl don’t mind at least guys ;) ) is entering".

And those moments are spent in utter and absolute silence as if u have reached nirvana. And if two persons converse all will look at them as if they have committed sin, By seeing other ppl's rude glances they automatically shut their voices. Lets see some scenarios

Case 1: Two guys in one lift - Nothing happens Guy give a customary look, wait for the floor to come, step out and gone , all happens smoothly and the silence is not killing. ( i don’t know why perhaps some sort of no-man-phobia)

Case 2: Two Girls caught in Lift - ( I am assuming what happens in such a scenario;) )

The moment a girl enters "oh another bi*** what an unlucky day :P".She gave a glance at her shoes, cheapo sandals, then "dress is a nice one but not gud like me", then look at accessories , "so much show off yuk",, , then "makeup, oh so much stuff ", eye liner is of Revlon i think , then nail polish, oh so old fashioned" :P ,the blah blah continues...

Case 3: A girl and a boy alone in elevator- A guy perspective...

Guy thinks today is a lucky day, he smiles, gave a cursory look as if he knows her since ages and that girl will start conversing instantly. Lift starts girl is busy in her own thoughts but guy look at her from head to toe, make a image of her all sorts of adjectives gets placed at various levels,

Girl thinks.... I don’t know: P , suggestion welcomed ;)

But why is silence to be found in elevators? Is it political correctness? Is it our need to guard our privacy? Our effort at confidentiality? Or is silence a side effect of the claustrophobia that is inside all of us?

But whatever it is ..."There are times when silence has the loudest voice".. And it is one of those....


  1. Awesome 10 stars for it!!! Cool observation and yeah you beautifully projected it too. I also think sometimes silence speaks for itself!
    Take care!

  2. if this is your own creation, please send it to some publication.it's too good..

  3. @Apeksha - I can proudly say its mine :)

  4. Thanks for your comments.
    Case 4(my own case):)girl's office is on 2nd floor.There are 3 elevator on the ground floor.When there are people waiting for the elevator she choose stairs & when there is noone waiting in front of elevator,she quickly steps inside it then looks at her face in the mirror & see her eyeliner is proper or no then comb her hair :)I think there must be girls like this in your office too :)