Friday, July 3, 2009

A lonely night

You know that i know that you dont know who you are
You are a breeze,a sunshine,a rhapsody for me
You are the carrier for my lonesome night,
The killer for my boredom thoughts
The shrillness in my silent dreams.

For me will u come tonight and change my lonely nights
Will you follow me and seduce me
I know that you always consider me a pain
And that I take certain pleasure in suffering
At punishing myself, at my repentance
Will you abandon to me without getting worried

I wish to look at u , watch u ,hold u
for that will make me feel gud
I will be whatever pleases u..., the light on your skin
The sweat on your brow
The one who..whatever , i will be whatevr you want
Will you follow me tonight....


  1. Sweet it is.
    I am nothing and everything you want me to be. :)
    Loneliness is bliss, because after you get rid of it, happiness flow. :P

  2. hmm.... its awesome..really really meaningful.. and full of emotions...!!!
    nice job :)