Friday, June 12, 2009

An Evening

A dark gloomy scene
fills my window pane
I slided my curtains,
water drops were limping on them
suggesting rain

from the west
flashes burst lighting
the sky night versus dawn
seconds pass rumbling
oh so far away..
someone else is also sensing in the same way..

As i watch the rain drops
falling drop by drop
in a linear manner
It reminds me of someone
who is waiting in darkness

to fulfill the dreams tat
she nurtures every day

to fulfill the happiness
tat is embedded in every tear drops
tat falls on her lap....
Wish those pain in tears
will get washed in next rain

Bang came the pat frm colleague
wat r u doing,
I said nothing Just
watching my soul getting
drenched ........

Now bk to wrk:))


  1. hmm.the inside story i guess..and beautiful too...
    Well, I haven't started reading the book but I'll in the near future...:)
    and yes I saw THE Holiday..she looked awesome!! as she always does:)..have u seen the revolutionary road? awesome film!! awesome cast and awesome direction!!:)

  2. and why do u want me to delete that comment of urs??

  3. The poem is awesome and specially these lines -- oh so far away..
    someone else is also sensing in the same way..

    --- have touched my heart...
    And thanks for your comments !
    Take care