Monday, June 1, 2009

Art of flattering

Flattering is an art which a person tries right from childhood till he is alive,( i dont know what happens after the death, might be man does this to flatter angels out there;) ,, who knows).

Some says it will lead to nowhere..But i think otherwise...For e.g. if some one says "You are too kind" The first Impression it gaves is of a polite behaviour which the person tends to show as a part of social behaviour.(unless he is grinning and speaking:)..

Flattery, of course, has had a bad name since the origin of word itself , implying wrongful praise. Nothing is more flattering than to be told that you hate flattery.

For the most part, flattery is harmless: surrounding the flattered with a halo of good feeling, it gives away nothing really worth having, but it may get a lot in return. Yes u r right it gives u a lot in return.

Well some one says in the narrowest sense Flattery is extravagantly exaggerating the value of something in order to persuade. However in its broadest definition, flattery is a form of bowing and scraping, social behavior for which words are not necessary .Flattery is the defensive weapon with which inferiors placate superiors, thereby avoid being killed, optimize their relationships and achieve a sort of ''devious cooperation''

''We have all learned to nod and smile and hold our tongue and murmur approval and say thank you.''

Saying thank you is an implicit form of flattery in that it indicates your dependence on some other person's grace. But so is keeping quiet. Silence may often be a form of elliptical flattery -- saying less than what might be said, as when you minimize someone's faults and failings, or pointedly ignore some glaring deformity.

As Casanova taught, you always tell beauty it's intelligent, and intelligence that it's beautiful. Similarly, the most successful flatterers are not vulgarly hypocritical but rather those who believe their own lies. If I am aware I'm flattering, my self-knowledge playing across my face may well be detected by an observant person on the sheer inhibiton of empty praise. If, however, I've convinced myself of my deception, my palaver will more convincingly persuade.

Indeed, the purest flattery -- the sort most surely liable to work -- occurs when neither the flattered nor the flatterer knows it is going on. :)And its quite a fun,,,,

Who among us doesn't need to think some more these days about the science of kissing up or about being flattered up?

So PPL open up ur buttering machine and get ready to flatter,,, Beware there may be persons who are ready with Bread to soak up ur butter....

Keep Buttering.. :)

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