Monday, June 8, 2009

Being teenager

Morning bliss always give u enthusiasm to start your day with new thoughts , to achieve new heights.The newspaper headline read 08/08/08. It made me nostalgic, I went back to my old memories when exactly 14 years back on 8 AUgust 1994,one small incident changed my whole school life.

The incident was not tat shattering or amazing but it changed my outlook towards life and friendship.There was this new girl who got admission in my school. I was parking my bicycle in the cycle stand,saw a girl with big oval eyes, two ponies,a dangling smile and suave looks which made me encompassed for that moment.SHe smirked or giggled at me and left with her friend .

I prayed to god that wish she gets admission in my section.MY wishes or my intution seldom goes wrong, As someone has said( jis cheez ko tum dil se chaho to poorie kayanat use poorie karne ki koshish karti hain). AT EOD i was passing by my PRIncy office and heard that she is admitted in my section. OH i felt so happy and was on top of world, for the whole day i kept smiling and dreaming.The smile was steadily and slowly started showing its be continued

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