Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Me and my identity

This happened a long time ago, before there was any shitty thing in the world such as George Bush and terrorists and Paris Hilton. It must've been around the time of Adam and Eve, if there were any Adam and Eve, that is. But it's all well, and it was still a long time ago.
Ms. Sparkles lived alone in her little house by the desert. Well, almost alone. She didn't know, maybe she hadn't realised, maybe she'd been too busy, but in the narrow crevices of her wardrobe, there lived a mouse. A tiny little mouse, a mouse they called The Little Chuha. He was soft and brown and he had little black eyes. He seemed like a mouse, but he was smarter than one, some would say he was even smarter than Ms. Sparkles, who wasn't any smart at all.

Everyday Ms. Sparkles would come up to her wardrobe after taking a bath and gingerly remove that wet towel from around her waist. The Little Chuha, even though he was little, was a horny creature, like those cartoons you see in Playboy or Maxim. He would race out from his tiny hole inside the wardrobe and stand on the edge, jumping out on top of Ms. Sparkles as she opened the wardrobe door. It was all so well, and The Little Chuha missed Ms. Sparkles' breast everyday, but never losing hope, or heart.
The trouble was, Ms. Sparkles was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the kind of woman you want to fall in love with, and maybe later hate yourself for it. Well, that was Ms. Sparkles, loveable and hateable in the same breath. The Little Chuha was in love with her, madly. Even though he was a tiny animal, smaller than Ms. Sparkles' slim wrists, he hoped to win her heart someday. Thus he tried everyday, jumping from the wardrobe's edge onto her chest, hoping to impress her with his acrobats. Yeah, I know. Women dig athletic men.

Now the place they lived in, the land of I-Dont-Know-The-Name-Of, was a pretty desolate place. Since Ms. Sparkles and The Little Chuha were the only two creatures alive, there was no doubt that they were alone in the land. Ms. Sparkles little house, which was painted a flawless white, stood glimmering in the middle of the desert. Passers-by - if there were any - would've seen her house from a mile and mistaken it for a mirage. But it was a mirage, atleast for Ms. Sparkles and The Little Mouse. All they saw everyday was each other, and each other. The Little Mouse jumping from the wardrobe, trying to impress Ms. Sparkles, and a smiling Ms. Sparkles spending her days thinking of The Little Mouse jumping form the wardrobe onto her breast. It would've been a sad affair, and it was. They were two souls who were in love. But then, they were so far away. He was a mouse, and she was a woman - and the most beautiful woman in the Universe too. But more than that, there was the distance of the wardrobe where he lived and the bed where she lay. That could never be corssed. And The Little Chuha knew that. He would get drunk and write drunken eulogies to himself, and a drunken toast to his lady, Ms. Sparkles. Passers-by - if there were any - would've called it a tragic affair. And it was.
For everyday, he missed her.
He so so missed her.

PS : Its not mine but I thought its worth sharing and thanks to author wherever he is .


  1. whats your identity here? Little Chuha?
    No offense, but this was quite hilarious. :)

  2. quite a unique love story ...i must say nevertheless , entertaining.