Friday, April 16, 2010

Food for thought!!!

No i am not in mood to give some gyaan over here, already ppl have access to so much of literary material which ranges from current Sania-Sohrab honeymoon plans to Tharror Sugandha or sunanada pre engagement adventures( don’t want to remember the lady name , though she must be a hotty in the past)...

Fooding ( i don’t think this word exist ) , semantically speaking eating is my 2nd fav past time err i think 3rd , no it will be fourth , oh damn it who cares, point is I love it.
Today I remember couple of instances which i thought were funny....

Instance -1

One day I went to one restaurant nearby office. I went with my friend in one hot summer afternoon and was munching on my way; I saw one guy coming inside the restaurant.

Guy:Sir jee, plz pack 3 buffet meals:

Restaurnat Managar : are Sir jee abhi lo ( meaning in few minutes it will be ready)

Guy: You know Last time when i took the parcel i found few cockroaches inside the rice

My Reaction: my god, aaj to ladai hogi , it will be fun....

Restaurant Manager: taken back, NO SIr jee u can have a look today there are no cockroaches in our food. It’s pretty clean.

Guy: ya ok , check it thoroughly and then parcel it

MY Reaction : I was dumbfounded on hearing the conversation, I laughed like hell , I mean that guy is paying huge amount for the food and the manager didn’t even apologized or confronted him about his last parcel. That sir u must be having a mistake, we serve quality food here. Blah blah
And even after getting such kind of food that guy is visiting again....And the manager was like you can check our kitchen also no cockroaches are there , we have cleaned them up.....WTF

That was enough and i asked my friend let’s leave this place otherwise i will puke....

Instance -2

Couple of year ago , i was in Chennai and was going out for Team lunch. We went to one nice restaurant on ECR road...The drive is sexy over there...

So after reaching, we ordered normal veg and non veg food.

One of my friend while tasting some panner curry ( BTW He was Punjabi),,,said to waiter This paneer is so sour, so yucky. What kind of food is this...

Waiter : I don’t know sir , usually we won’t eat PAneer here , we eat outside!!!!!!

And i was like wattttt!!!!!!

Instance 3:

There used to be canteen in our college which served great parathas.
Only hostel ppl will understand the pain of having good fun in life.
There might be a chance that a hosteller will avoid a hot date just to have a gud food ( It happened...and happens..)

So one day one of my batch mate went to that canteen, had gr8 food .As he was about to leave, he was confronted by canteen supervisor.

And FYI every shop owners know every regular college mate, its like a bondage...

Supervisor: That was XX bucks.

Friend: Ya I know, i read the chart.

Supervisor: So...

Friend: Oh ya, U see, i dont have money

Supervisor: $%&** (hot boiling expression), oh ok u can pay it afterwards...

Friend: No I cant pay it.

Supervisor: ya i understand u can’t pay it now , pay it afterwards...

Friend: Are bhaiyya bola naa paisa nahin hain , nahin de paaunga....... And he leaves...

Supervisor: sees the guy leaving..... Mumbling in his mouth wait.....listen...but no one was there to listen his voice.....


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