Wednesday, May 19, 2010

whats in a name!!! I do have a problem

Today heard that another cyclone is hitting shores of india , and this time it is "LAILA"
I mean what the hell, why every time a cyclone comes it is termed after a female???Isn’t sexist?

I have complain here, why is it that NCW not taking action again meteorological department!! OH I see how can they come out in this sultry heat, their bodies will get tanned but they can do some advertisements for some sun screen lotion!!!
In my view they should torture Meteorological department members or do DHARNA on roads that stop making fun of lovely ladies and terming them cyclonic (Read barbaric).

Today it’s Katrina, Laila next they may say Neha, Pooja, Rashmi than half of Indian girls will be cyclonic. Imagine the chaos it will bring to society. Then every second girl in India will be connected with some or other cyclone.

After doing some research on this matter i found out that meteorological department even take suggestions on naming cyclones from ppl. Any taker for this????????? If given a chance, i would name "rakhi sawant", "shooparnakha" or "lady gaga".
A meeting in 2000 in Muscat was held on naming tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

The names the countries in the panel suggest are sequenced in such a way that each country gets a chance to have its suggested name used.

Prior to Aila, which means dolphin, suggested by the Maldives, there was ‘Bijli’ of India( who came up with this must have seen lot of c grade movies or must have been a fan of "babuji dheere chalo bijli khadi song -") . Before that, there was ‘Nisha’ from Bangladesh ( didn’t knew bangladeshi’s are huge Madhuri fan !!!!!).

Best is from our beloved neighbor Pakistan
They had Fanoos and Nargis and proposed Nilofar, Titli and Bulbul for the unseen and unknown devastators..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Titli , bulbul !???????, imagination ki haad hain, why can’t they come up with chick, hen , sparrow)

I strongly object this blasphemous, objectionable naming of cyclones on the name of girls .They should start naming Indian boys as well, some of them can be Rahul , Raj , Aditya , Aamir 

But as Usual US is far ahead in terms of dealing these things, they have come up with a list for next few years and that has male and female names alternately so that no one gets offended


PS : I am not sexist or MCP , although i hate feminists :P


  1. Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
    This is so funny Lincoln...
    And then you call my posts humorous...
    You just took the cake from right under my pretty nose;-)

    Wonderful post...never thought this way before...but now I have a great topic to discuss at the next female gender bashing conversation I get to hear;-)

    I also hope Rahuls, Rajs, Adityas n Aamirs don’t have to wait too long to have natural disasters named after them;-)
    Hey why not a Lincoln hurricane next time?:-)

  2. @suruchi - ye aapke posts pad pad kar hamari kuch thinking muscles jaagrut ho gayee :)

    Aapne humari rachna ( not that Rachana :P) ko saraha , ye humare liye bahut garv ki baat :)

    agar rahuls rajs etc ka naam aa gaya to india mein aansuaon ki baad aa jaayegi which no one wants :P

    u see lincoln loves peace , its always for the ppl ,by the ppl and of the ppl :)

  3. so very funny Linclon...waise tellin u more in this regard..that women did Dharna against using their names...and steps were taken forward in this regard :)

    log on this new blog

  4. i guess they are just copying the US in naming cyclones... as the history goes the us army ppl used to name the cyclones by the name of their gf.. they were free to give any names.. thts how the trend developed..

    we are gd at nothing but copying

  5. Funny post. :) I too have wondered why these cyclons bear only feminine names. If they ask me, I would name it John Abraham..