Thursday, May 27, 2010

The daily hate book...

1) I hate when my house-maid switches off the fan in morning for her brooming business.And after doing all her stuff she won’t turn the switch on and go away. oh that is so irritating...

2) I hate when ppl will be online for hours and after saying hi, they won’t even respond. At least say I am busy or I don’t have time for u. Bcoz as a software engineer i keep on thinking it might be some software bug also or he/she must be using MEEBO that is making them online even though they are not .Too much i say

3) I hate when ppl make me wait to have my food on time. I normally go to lunch in office at 1:00 pm. There is this colleague of mine who normally takes lunch with me. He goes to bathroom at exactly same time every day. How can that happen? I don’t understand have told him 100 times u go at 12:30, 12:45 why every time 1:00 pm. DO something, change ur water habits but don’t go at 1:00 pm but he won’t suckssss

4) I hate when ppl say “Thanks” for every small things in life and then I have to be phony with words like no problem, welcome......blah blah

5) I hate when every day I have to smile and greet ppl in office numerous number of times, I mean I just smiled few hours ago, if that was not greeting what it is!!!!! But I have to smile again,

6)i hate when i have switch off my room light in night after I go to my bed. why cant i do it with my phone or with remote . ( i stay in rented house so logistics problem otherwise that is the first thing i would want in my own bed room )

7) These days bathroom etiquettes are getting on my nerves. My new roommate , he will take shower with pot lid's top in resting state, and when i enter bathroom it will be all wet , so frustrating.

8) This is related to my gym stuff - i hate when ppl leave their sweating signature on some gym machine and don’t care about the next person who is in queue.

9)I hate when ppl say too much bye bye stuff, oh come on u want to go , go quickly, stop wasting time in useless meaningless bye byes

10)i hate that ALLOUT stuff ( that is the worst product ever made in mankind) which is still successful. No mosquito has any effect whatsoever and to mock the machine they even mate in front of that machine.

so thats all about my hateness stuff, rest all things i like :)

so wats ur hateness quotient??


  1. ha ha ha...i guess u hvnt left anything genuine... he he he h....lolzzz....

    m motivated with ur post..and u wud be able to my motivated action soon on ma blog ;)

  2. Haha...
    I agree on All out...they seem to attract more mosquitoes than repel:/
    N please tell your roommate n lunch-mate to behave
    And if people won’t say ‘thank you’ to you, then you would consider them vain!
    Tch, tch...kahin to jeene do bechaaron ko!

    Though LOLzzzzzzzz for No. 5, 6 n 9...
    You are pretty reasonably hateful:-)

    P.S. I wrote my own hate list sometime back on my blog:-)

  3. If ALL Out can nt kick u off it doesnt mean dat its useless , ALL OUT Works okay ... :P
    Nice stuff :)

  4. i hate a lot of things, but i kind of just ignore them

  5. Hahahahahaha...Im sorry all these frustrates you. But it was very entertaining.

  6. @uncommon sense- I also ignore , but i listed just to create humour

    @insignia - It was meant to be read in that way only :)

  7. hillarious!!
    i agree and i hate most of the things that you have said here...
    the maid puts me off every single morning...
    add turning on the lights in broad daylight...i get seriously turned off by that.

  8. haha! Hate is too strong a word but I get the point. Turning off the light (when shutting down for the day), gets me too!

  9. haha....
    thanks for ur visit to my blog...
    i enjoyed reading all of the above...
    yeah...its so...annoying....spcly greeting evryone wid a smile in offic...